Dutch Ecological Design Education

We welcome those of you who feel called to use their talents and skills in the spirit of co-creation to join the Ecological Design Education (EDE) training, organized by Gaia Nederland, Gaia Education and GEN Netherlands.

If you want to be one of them please get in touch!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford


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(Starting Friday 3-7-2020)

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Designing Ecological Habitats Creating a Sense of Place


Gaian Economics Living well within planetary limits


Beyond You and Me Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community


The Song of the Earth The Emerging Synthesis of the Scientific and Spiritual World-views

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Dutch EDE 2015 & 2017

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Meet the EDE team

Paul <br>Hendriksen
Social Permaculture, New Economics, Transition

Paul started as a journalist, then worked for thirteen years at COS Overijssel, a regional knowledge and expertise in the field of development issues and international cooperation, but above all Paul Hendriksen is an ambassador of doing-thinking. In Deventer he put  sustainability  ideas into practice: Transition Towns. Was initiator of the association Aardehuizen Oost Nederland, a collective enterprise to build a project of 23 houses inspired by the ‘Earthship’ concept in Olst, north of Deventer, Overijssel.

He has expertise in consultancy, project development, organisation and training on sustainability issues. And specialisation in the field of community processes aimed at sustainable development, Transition Towns and related bottom-up initiatives; lectures, presentations and workshops on local resilience and a wide range of sustainability issues, from the philosophical and historical to the practical level (and back); I profoundly believe in Added Value Afterwards.

Social Permaculture, New Economics, Transition
4D framework, deep listening, river of life
Monica prefers to accompany children, adults and groups in nature and with the help of horses. She did the EDE in Damanhur. Monica is committed volunteer for GEN Netherlands and is engaged in the development of (international) training. Recently Monica took a masters in Design for Sustainability through Gaia Education and completed the Training of Trainers coarse in Findhorn. Monica became the first Dutch member of the Geese as a certified Gaia Education Trainer.
Horticulture, Group constellations, Coaching with Horses - Certified Gaia Education Trainer
Legal and Financial

“Do not ask me who I am. If I am already … then I am emptiness … emptiness through which that breathes what breathes through everything. ‘

Bas is co-initiator of the ecological home-work initiative De Zwerm in Winterswijk and co-owner of Levensland, a 3.5 ha large food forest laid out according to permaculture and Anastasia principles. He lives in a farm (starting home-work group) in Winterswijk.

Bas is a lawyer and, among other things, uses his knowledge to supervise starting ecological home-work initiatives and eco-villages. In addition, he has immersed himself in all sorts of cultures and shamanism. The teachers he names are Dave Hegglun (Maori), Ayako Goh (Japan), Ahamkara (Altai), Erik Berglund (USA), Daniel Crane (Tsuu Tina, Canada), Wai Turoa (Maori), Moon Deer (Objibwaj, USA), Elliot Rivera (Cuba), Suvalaq (Inuit, Alaska), Philip Carr-Gomm (Druid, England), Inti Cesar (Peru), Kiesha / Little grandmother (USA), Tulku Lobsang Rinopoche (India), Ayangat (Mongolia) ), Anastasia (Siberia) and all who live close to nature, close to the Source.

Legal and Financial
Angelien <br>Hoppen
Landgoed AlGoed representative, Biology, Drawing and Mindfulness

My attitude to life is optimistic and practical. Organizing and teaching are a common thread throughout my life. I enjoy it and have talent for it. I am versatile and have an analytical ability to help me keep track of complex situations. I communicate easily, listen well and always look for harmony. I really enjoy working together and I like to have my own responsibility it. Finally, not unimportantly: I bring life experience and humor.

My interest is in the field of sustainability, greening and citizen participation.



Trained and experienced teacher (Biology, Drawing and Mindfulness) and trainer. In addition to my formal work experience as a teacher at various secondary schools, I often take on the role of information officer in other situations. I also taught as a volunteer in Bali.



Strong on an organizational and creative level. I have extensive experience in organizing large projects where the involvement of different groups is paramount.



Since 2015 I have been intensively involved as one of the coordinators in the organization of Landgoed AlGoed. This live-work community runs an OutdoorCommunityCenter together where we form a group of around 50 volunteers who maintain the estate and engage in numerous activities. Well-being and personal development are paramount.


✉ angelien@burohop.nl

✆ 06 – 55773670








Annelies<br>van Rijn
van Rijn
River of life, Deep listening
Henry <br>Mentink
New economy, Uno Box

Next to being founder and Director of MyWheels henry took the challenge of founding Het Veerhuis Varik. Together with others it’s there that he gives meaning to the new economy. His mission is to give awareness and love a practical place. With this aim he founded the first Village Trade Centre. The Veerhuis is also the home of the Club of Budapest, Global Ecovillage Network Netherlands and is connected with Damanhur in Italy.  Practical work in the village of Varik as well as being connected with the world. He developed the first 3D business plan, the UNO-Box with Source plan and a new legal form of legal entity that is easy to establish and still meets legal requirements. This is called the Participantship.

Hugo <br>Schönberck
Blockchain, Sustainable Energy

Hugo Schonberck is an inspired entrepreneur and experienced consultant in various projects, research and consultancies. He brings a practical and warm hearted approach to sustainability and a large international network. He loves the challenge of bringing together the best people for any given task. He is an expert in sustainability and behaviour change, designing programmes and facilitating teams in communities, local authorities and companies for Global Action Plan, Nuon Energy, British Gas and currently partner in GPX Energybank, a sustainable energy and smart grid start-up, as well as promoting the very low energy sustainable block chain Energy party from the Energy Coin Foundation. Co-founder of a Dutch think-tank on climate change with government officials, NGO’s and representatives from industry that did ground-breaking work on carbon reduction and compensation.

Blockchain, Smart Grid, Sustainable Energy
ICT, Education
Henk is owner of ‘De Verbinding’; a company that developes education about sustainable technology and sustainability. He is also a science teacher at a secondary high school “Ecolyceum” in Deventer and coordinator at CleanTech. In this job he is building a network of secundary high schools working on sustainability projects.
ICT, Education
Deep democracy
Deep democracy

Where it all happens...


Landgoed Algoed

Landgoed Algoed


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Bioenergiepark Saerbeck

Bioenergiepark Saerbeck


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Practical assistance:

In the morning the community likes our assistance in one of these working groups:

  1. Nice, clean & welcome
  2. Kitchen
  3. Vegetable garden
  4. Animal care
  5. Terrain maintenance
  6. General maintenance
  7. Activities & program

Course fees

Special accommodation

Standard overnight stay is in a tent (own or grouptent). Accommodation in a bedroom can be booked in advance and costs € 5,00 per night extra. B&B in a off site “NIVON nature friends house” can be booked in advance and costs € 6,20 per night extra with a starting fee of € 40,00 / € 20,00.

Please inform us if you want to use special accommodation.


The final part of the EDE will be held at the GEN CONFERENCE in the Nature community in Schönsee (Germany)

Altough we really would like to go with the whole group we kept this part optional. The cost for traveling, entrance and accomodation for this part are not included in the course fee.


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