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The future of energy supply began where the Bundeswehr once stored weapons and ammunition: in 2011 the municipality of Saerbeck took over the approx. 90 hectare site of the former ammunition main depot Saerbeck and developed the bioenergy park (BEP Saerbeck) from the area exclusively with local investors.  Wind, sun and biomass now generate enough electricity for 19,000 households. So far (as of June 2017) 70 million euros have been invested. Further projects are planned.

The bioenergy park sees itself as a center of excellence for renewable energy and energy transition. Therefore, not only electricity is produced in the BEP, but also research and education are focal points. Part of the park is a protected nature area. Companies, educational institutions and other users who support the energy transition have settled on the site.

Bioenergiepark Saerbeck