DUTCH EDE 2020 Coronaproof (jump to Dutch)

We do it like this:

The whole new organisation in one go…..

  • Every week we work with a fixed pattern and structure.
  • Every week a different theme is dealt with. The first week is social, second ecological,
    third economic and fourth cultural/holistic worldview.
  • You will spend the night in tents and have your own place to sleep. There are limited
    possibilities to stay overnight in the accommodation of estate Algoed.
  • The duration of the course is from Friday 3 July to Saturday 1 August 2020.
  • The language used during the course is Dutch. It can be translated into English during
    the workshops. The self-study package is also available in English.


Organization mornings from Monday to Friday

  • Every morning you can work in the working circles of estate Algoed. A maximum of
    five people work in one workplace. On the workplace itself, the distance between
    them is at least 1.5 meters. The aim is to be three meters apart. The workplaces are
    far apart from each other. Every day we start drinking coffee/tea and catching up.
    This is from 09.00. Work will continue until 12.30, with a break of half an hour in
    between. While working, conversations can be started with the work supervisors and
    questions can be asked about how things are done/organized and about their views
    on certain themes (such as permaculture) on the Algoed estate. For the certification
    at least four days; work is necessary to achieve the desired contact hours.


Organization mornings at weekends

  • Saturday morning an explanation will be given about the design assignment and
    groups will work on the design assignment. In consultation, this can also partly from
    home via video lessons, if you do not want to stay the weekend on estate Algoed.


Organization afternoons from Monday to Friday

  • Every afternoon there is a workshop.
  • Each day, a different theme from the curriculum is central.
  • The themes of the workshops fit the theme of that week.
  • The workshops usually start at 14.00. Sometimes in consultation with each other a
    little later. This according to the needs of the group and the trainer. This will be
    organically coordinated with each other.
  • The duration of the workshop is 2,5 hours. With a half-hour break in between.
  • The trainers communicate about the times via a chalkboard and via a WhatsApp
  • Whenever possible, the workshops are given in the part of the farm where you can
    sit comfortably apart from each other.
  • If the part is occupied, and we can’t teach outside, we work from several tents. With
    a maximum of six people in 1 tent. Contact with each other is made through a video
  • Because of teaching via a screen, we strive for a maximum of 30 consecutive minutes
    of theoretical explanations and frontal teaching. This is then alternated with practical


Organization Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon is reserved to work in project groups on the design assignment.


Organization evenings from Monday to Friday

  • In the evening an online self-study program is offered.
  • It is intended that you will spend about 10 hours a week and 40 hours in total for the
    whole EDU with self-study in order to qualify for the certification of the EDU.
  • During the evening hours coaches are ready to answer individual questions. This can
    be done online and this can be done face to face with the teachers present. A
    schedule will be made where you can register for a coaching interview. There is
    usually 1 coach present who is ready for spontaneous and relatively short questions.
  • The self-study is tailor-made. Several assignments are offered. You can choose from
    the various assignments according to your own insights. Some assignments are
    mandatory for certification.


Organization Sunday

  • Sunday is free to roast and fill in according to your own insights. This can be used by
    participants to give workshops, work independently on the design assignment or work on
    the individual trajectory through open space. You can also just do fun things and take time
    off that day.


Requirements for certification of your EDE

  • At least 54 hours of work in the working circles of estate Algoed
  • 60 hours of workshops, covering all 20 themes
  • 16 hours design assignment
  • 40 hours of self-study
  • 2- 4 hour coaching sessions
  • Final presentation on design assignment


How can you participate?

You can choose:

  • Only cooperate and camp on the Algoed estate. This can be taken per 5 or 7 days.
    There are a limited number of places for this.
  • A block of 5 workshops matching 1 theme, including 5 overnight stays and 3 meals
    per day. We reserve six places here within the course.
  • The entire certified EDU programme from 3 July to 1 August 2020. There are 12
    places reserved for this.
  • The online self-study program with the possibility to request coaching conversations
    (maximum 5. More coaching conversations are possible at extra cost).
  • We charge a fee for overnight stays and meals of 25 euros per day. This is for the
    benefit of the Algoed estate foundation.
  • We ask 25 euro per day for the EDE program and workshops. This covers the costs of
    the trainers and the costs of the course.

This boils down to:

  • 125 or 175 euros for five or seven days working in the working circles on the Algoed
    estate during the EDE.
  • 250 euros for five course days including accommodation and meals.
  • 200 euros for the self-study and five coaching sessions


  • 1225 euro for the whole EDE course, including certification, thus giving a discount on the
    course of 225 euro. Of this fee 725 euro will go to the foundation estate Algoed for
    taking care of the meals and overnight stays.


Sign up for the course

  • You can register with the Gaia Nederland foundation by sending an email or calling.
    Henk Petter: henk@gaia-nederland.nl . Mobile: 06 1253816.
    Monica Petter: monica@gaia-nederland.nl . Mobile: 06 14398015.
    We will then send you an application form and an invoice. The training will continue with
    a minimum of 8 full-time participants. We reserve the right to cancel the EDE at any time
    if the government changes the policy around Corona and the EDE is no longer possible to