Earth Awareness Teuge is one of the oldest and largest off-grid centres of Holland. Visiting offers an unforgettable experience, full of inspiration and connection. Earth Awareness is a cultural breeding ground and functions as a nursery for a sustainable world. It is established in 2005. It is a green laboratory where we can learn by doing and playing how to cooperate with the intelligence and character of the earth. A fertile experimental garden to inquire how to live in symbiosis with nature. A practical school for synthesis of related skills. They see it as their communal task to get in tune with the earth again and relate with her. The knowledge centre actively contributes to realistic, local and practical solutions for global issues like energy, food, and living alternatives.  Earth Awareness is building a very inspiring and special work of art, the Temple of Nature. A round space of thick, organically shaped tree trunks, curly branches, lime plaster and coloured windows. In this experience space, they can keep on wondering about the beauty in which nature reveals itself. The Temple of Nature is a focal point for contemplation and connection and helps truth-seekers that want to find their deepest core of being. The centre is situated in a wooded area and is an exceptional paradise of birds. The beautiful colossal trees make it a very pleasant place to be.

Overnight accommodation

The special ambiance of the location quickly brings you to another era. You will sleep on the spacious art studio upstairs with many windows and a beautiful view. Take your own camping mattress and bedding. There is space for some small tents at request when you book.

Earth Awareness