Looking for a clear vision about sustainability issues?

Explore Gaia Education’s Four Pillars of Sustainability, bringing clarity to complexity.

Is it a challenge to put your knowledge into practice?

This course offers coaching in design thinking and project implementation.

How about working with others?

Our training provides a great opportunity to develop collaboration & group facilitation skills

Are you ready for a change?

This EDE training is a life changing experience! It will bring you

  • Solutions and effective models to transform society
  • Experience in creating a sustainable society
  • Design and implementation skills for effective projects
  • An artistic approach to life and problem solving
  • Effective collaboration skills
  • A deeper contact with nature

Eco Design Education

The curriculum of the EDE draws on the experience and expertise developed in a network of educators from some of the most successful ecovillages and community projects around the world. The training is designed for anyone who wants to work on sustainability education, sustainable development and transition activities. It shows the coherence of social, economic, ecological and holistic aspects within communities. This way it deepens your vision on sustainable development. The course also prepares you to create a sustainable way of working and/or living together with a group of people.



The curriculum is the result of years of collaboration with educators all around the world. These teachers are organized in the group ‘GEESE’ which stands for ‘Global Ecovillage Educators for Sustainable Earth’. The first EDE training was given in 2005 in Findhorn, Scotland. By now, the training has been organised 200 times all over the world in 34 countries , enriching the lives of more than 5000 participants. The curriculum is an official contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable

EDE mandala

The EDE training is designed as a mandala, called the ‘sustainability wheel’ and includes everything that is seen as the four primary dimensions of human experience: Worldview, Ecological, Social, and Economic.

The content of the EDE training represents the core values of large established ecovillages around the world: Honor unity through diversity; enjoying the difference in culture and faith; equality among all cultures, races and gender; promotes social justice and ecological awareness; stand up for peace; strengthen individual leadership and local actors; strengthen the awareness of individual potential and self-sufficiency; respecting the living Earth as our planetary home.