The ferry house is the first Village Trade Center in the world that has been set up to make our environment a bit richer again. “Local products, local services; a trade center for in the village. They started with the new economy. The future lies in the village where there is space and clean air and internet. Working and doing business is possible in the village. And by establishing us as ferry house on the tourist we bring about new trade. People come from outside and products inside, because the village is the largest supplier. The ferry house has the ferry function to the future. “Says Henry. The ferry house has the ambition to be a national and international center for the new economy. Pieter Kooistra lived here and was the inventor of the art library in NL and in the 80s / 90s wrote a plan for a world-class income in a new economy. He said: “Be realistic – think the impossible”.

Overnight accommodation.
It is possible to spend the night in the bed and breakfast area of the ferry house or in a trailer house for four people, which is close to the Veerhuis.

Veerhuis Varik