The Hof van Wolda is a holistic horse farm run by the community group of Marc and Jelske. The Hof van Wolda is situated right on the border between the Netherlands and Germany, near Coevorden (Drenthe).

They work with the horses in a holistic way. This means, among other things, that the horses have a route across the terrain, where they can walk from eating place to eating place. Jelske trains with the horses the techniques that come from “Natural Horsemanship.” That means that the horses are ridden without saddle and reins. At the Hof van Wolda Horses are also used for coaching people. The horses are a kind of mirrors of the human soul. They show by their behaviour exactly what happens in connection and contact with the horse (s).

In addition to the horse farm, there are also other business activities such as making lamps from recycled materials by Marc and gardening in a natural way.

Overnight accommodation

At the Hof van Wolda you can spend the night in the sleeping loft. An indoor campsite has been created in the attic with the help of little tents. In addition, there are various bed and breakfast rooms (3 rooms) and you can spend the night in one of the large canvas tents or in your self-brought tent.

Hof van Wolda