Landgoed AlGoed

The Algoed Estate is an outdoor community center. The estate is located in the beautiful Dutch rural area Twekkelo, near the cities of Hengelo and Enschede. People live and work together at Landgoed AlGoed. It is managed by four people who also live on the estate. In addition, fifty volunteers work in the garden, in the kitchen, and with several activities. Landgoed AlGoed has its own forest, permaculture vegetable garden, meadows and wooded banks framed with streams. It forms a welcome meeting place in the middle of nature. This environment gives room for personal growth and awareness, space to rediscover your original self and also space to just be. The foundation organizes, supports, and initiates activities that invite people to (re) connect with nature and with who they really are. They have the motto; ‘to inspire, connect and grow’. The way to do this is by working together, developing ideas and learning from each other. The Foundation finds it’s important that people feel at home, and that volunteers can develop themselves and grow in what they are good at and want in life.

Langoed AlGoed