Learning outcomes


Social Design

In the Social Dimension module participants learn:

  • to develop a common vision for a collective project, including and transcending individual perspectives;
  • to make decisions that everyone can accept and support;
  • to improve their communication skills and communicate in a more compassionate way;
  • to deal with conflict and diversity as an invitation to growth.


Ecological Design

In Ecological Dimension module participants explore:

  • Whole Systems Approach to Ecological Design;
  • Benefits of Bioregionalism;
  • Key principles in the application of Appropriate Technologies for clean energy, living water, green buildings and healthy soils.
  • ‘hands on’ play with earth materials and mini eco-kits to purify waters, tours of local gardens and eco-buildings, calculating carbon footprints and opportunities for artistic expression.


Economic Design

In Economic Dimension module participants explore:

  • The dominant pattern and possible leverage points for change within today’s globalised economy;
  • Ways to bring economic life into alignment with ecological values;
  • Right livelihood & social enterprise;
  • How money works; community banks and local currencies;
  • Relevant legal and financial issues for Ecovillage projects.


In the Worldview Dimension module participants learn:

  • to recognise and communicate sustainability to diverse worldviews;
  • to create a deep connection with Nature through personal experience;
  • to develop a regular spiritual practice that facilitates the ability to balance inner and outer work;
  • to design ceremonies for the most significant moments in their projects;
  • to apply transition principles and ingredients in their project.