The Dutch EDE vision

In this EDE we try to create a close interaction between teachers and students and between students themselves. Participants with expertise in specific fields are invited to share their knowledge with the whole group. Hands-on activities will also be facilitated by course participants. We as teachers will often participate in group – and other processes, partly as supervisors/counsellors, but also co-discovering the actual learnings and the learning process as result of the current (socio-cultural) situation.

Authenticity is achieved by using real situations within learning environments. The exercises will draw on real situations from participants’ and facilitators’ lives, so that the learning will be both an understanding of theory and abstract concepts and – often more important – a deepening experience of the applied concepts in concrete socio-cultural situations. The several levels of learning environment are

  • your individual inner universe with your personal imprints from your past life, your world-views, your stories, feelings, possibilities of thoughts,
  • the course group with its inter-individual dynamics like shared cultural backgrounds as well as inter-cultural dynamics; personal reactions on one another; co-creations like mutual support and potential shared ideas as well as conflicts and misunderstandings; .
  • and the different ecovillages and excursions, with all its existing and tangible examples.

The Dutch EDE team


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