Gaia Nederland is a Non-profit foundation. The board consists of 5 members from the field of sustainability and education.

  • Henk Petter: Chairman
  • Monique van Loenen: Secretary
  • Monica Petter: Educationalist + Treasurer
  • Hugo Schonbeck: Financial auditor
  • Fanny Winkelman: General member



The members of the Gaia Netherlands Foundation can count on effective representation of interests and effective support with the dissemination of knowledge and experience regarding sustainable working and living. Gaia Nederland provides sustainability education that promotes thriving communities within planetary boundaries.

Our Vision

We work towards a resilient future within planetary boundaries where no one is left behind.  A world of safe and nutritious food; of clean drinking water; of universal access to sustainability education; of physical, mental and social well-being.  A world which uses energy and materials with greater efficiency, distributes wealth fairly and strives to eliminate the concept of waste.  A world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity; of justice and equality; of respect for race and ethnicity; and of equal opportunity permitting the full realisation of human potential while promoting shared prosperity.


Gaia Nederland wants to:

  • Distribute the curriculum of Gaia Education.
  • Implement the Gaia Education curriculum in regular education.
  • Support teachers in transition from regular to sustainable education.
  • Connect people searching for a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Increase knowledge about a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Organise lectures aimed at increasing knowledge about setting up sustainable projects.
  • Strengthen the link between sustainable companies, local government and education.
  • Develop on the basis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, together with companies, local government and schools, education programs for a sustainable Netherlands.

Gaia Nederland manages two streams of activities

Gaia in Schools

Gaia Nederland commits its self to establish a number of Gaia Schools in the Netherlands. We will especially invite Dutch teachers to join the EDE trainings and work with them on a fitting curriculum for their school situation.

Eco Design Education (EDE)

Gaia Nederland wants to spread the knowledge provided curriculum of Gaia Education. As the Dutch representative of Gaia Education we want to organize one or more Eco Design Education courses a year in Holland. The lectures will be organised using the guidelines of Gaia Education International and be in line with the certification program.

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